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Help the birds and wildlife of the Ocean Beach Pier stop being harmed by fishing lines! 


What this
is about....

This was created with the mission to help the ocean beach wildlife that needlessly suffers and loses their limbs because of thoughtlessly littered fishing lines.


There are easy and inexpensive solutions for this and I don’t think people mean actual harm when they misplace their lines. They just don’t always understand the dire consequences it has for the birds, seals, dolphins, surfers and the oceans collective ecosystem. 


monofilament recycling receptacles really do pretty much solve the line disposal problem. Informative and inviting placards to look at, enjoy and read would not only look good but also help with the lack of awareness.


During this pandemic, to break the monotony of quarantine, I would work and have my coffee on the pier. I started an illustrated diary about my time there. This time spent with the birds on the ob pier, in the pandemic, offered me a spot of happiness and a place to press pause during that grueling period of time that wore away at my well being.


For this gift that the sweet birds gave me, I feel indebted. The time spent with them gave me the chance to connect to the ocean beach pier birds and see things that wouldn’t have wholly registered before. Mainly their sweet lovely funny personalities and the ways they needlessly suffer because of us. 


The beauty and tragedy of this mission is that is easy to solve. There are accessible, affordable solutions. The question is, is there the care or the will to put them into place. I hope there is. There are many things that seem so out of reach and out of our control, but this isn’t. We can do this Ocean Beach!


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